Thursday, April 23, 2009

ACC Tournament

The #1 seeded TERPS will play Virginia on Friday at 4 in
the first ACC semifinal game at Virginia Tech. The TERPS
made final preparations, tuned and tweaked and got on the
TERPs bus for the ride back to Virginia Tech...weren't we
just here?? Actually yes....geez.
The undefeated TERPS will bring goal scoring right to the Hoos. Remember that regular season game AT Virginia - TERPS 17 - 11. Sarah Mollison had 6 goals, Karri Ellen Johnson 4. Who will it be tomorrow for the 3rd ranked offense that sports 7 players with 2o goals!! Defense playing real well, playing together, supporting, stopping. GKs are playing real well.
I want to win everything," coach Cathy Reese said. "Why not? I'm proud of where we are this season. People probably weren't expecting us to be sitting here undefeated right now with a team as young as we have, but they're fighters, they're competitors and we're going to keep going to get where we want to be." The first step is Friday!

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