Friday, September 26, 2008

TERPS Hit the Road!!

The TERPS will be on the road tomorrow, traveling to
Charlottesville for a fall scrimmage with the Hoos!
After 2 weeks of stickwork, small games, going to goal,
defensive pressure and fitness, the 2009 TERPS get
their 1st chance to put it all together.

Newcomers Kristy Black, Liz Hamilton, Karri Ellen
Johnson, Mary Jordan, Brittany Poist and Grace
Gaeng take their first road trip with the TERPS.
New TERP, Brittany Dipper (GK), is with the Field
Hockey team this weekend at Wake.

Forty is OK!! GO TERPS!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Golf Tournament

Renditions Golf Course, tomorrow at noon!!
Great course, great food - can you say lunch and
dinner - 42" flat screen raffle, auction and I will go
back to TERPS!

The 2009 TERPS and staff will be at the course
throughout the day. They will say HI and welcome
and thank you for your participation. This is a
Women's Lacrosse fundraiser and all are in....
and everyone please know that in addition to greeting
you and being out on the course to personally thank you
for your contribution, the TERPS have also given more
than $25o to the total collected.

Trudy McGarvey, Mary Clare McFadden and Dale have
been names I hear regularly. Thank all of them when you
see them tomorrow for their efforts!! And Quinn - thank
you for your organization and willingness to help on short
notice - -well done all!

I wish you ALL the best day!
TERPS, family, friends, food, fun....can't think of a better
way to spend a Friday or any day for that matter.


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