Thursday, May 29, 2008


Kelly Kasper and Dana Dobbie are among the
finalists for the most prestigious award in
Lacrosse. They join an equally accomplished
group of finalists but you know, we are TERPS!

We wish them the best, we wish they could both
win but will be really, really proud and happy if just one of them does.

Congratulations. You are the best!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

NCAA Tournament

In a much anticipated rematch, the TERPS and Blue Devils
lined up for their quarterfinal game at the complex. Duke
jumped out to 3-0. TERPS called time out and Katie Pumphrey
got the ball on the draw, went to goal and scored! It was the
first of 4. Caitlyn McFadden added 2 to tie and Lauren
Cohen put the TERPS up 4 - 3. Duke tied it up at about 7
minutes and the 4 - 4 score held to half.

Duke scored early in the 2nd....5-4. TERPS evened it up on a
free position shot by Kelly... 5 -5. Duke 6-5. Kasper passed
to Dana Dobbie who then threaded a shot into goal...6 -6.
Duke added 3 in the next 7 minutes. The TERPS had some
opportunities in the last 6 or so minutes and kept firing but
were turned back. McFadden got the hat trick goal making
it 9 - 7. And that was it.

TERPS finish 18 - 3, the most wins in a season since 2003.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Duke 9 - TERPS 7...don't have enough energy right now to
put up any more than this....though I will say it was great
to see the Pellizzi's and Molly McCourt! and all TERPS
and parents at another awesome TERP tailgate....
More soon...

Great season TERPS - great! Heads up!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


See the #3 TERPS versus Duke in the NCAA
quarterfinal game on Saturday at 1.

Last time to see our 2008 TERPS at home this year!!
See you all Saturday.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


TERPS 20 - Temple 7.

The TERPS jumped out to a quick 6 -1 lead in the
first half. Casey Magor and Lauren Cohen both had 2,
while fellow senior, Kelly Kasper had1 goal and 3 assists.
Temple came back slowly but the TERPS had an 8 - 5
lead going into halftime.

After the break, it was Temple scoring first, making it 8 - 6
TERPS. The Owls then held the TERPS in check until
Katie Pumphrey scored - her 1st goal this year - and the flood
gates opened. This was the first of the TERPS goals in
a 12 to 1 scoring spree leading to their 20 - 7 victory.
Katie Princiotto, Casey Magor and Dana Dobbie had 3
goals each for the TERPS while Kasper, and Caitlyn
McFadden lead the way with 3 assists. On the day,
12 TERPS scored!

Duke is next, on Saturday, May 17 at 1PM at home!
See you then.


Saturday, May 10, 2008


The #3 TERPS are hosting the Temple Owls at 1:00 pm in
tomorrow's first round of NCAA tournament play. The
TERPS have had a good week of practice and are ready for
a game!

Maryland has qualified for 24 total NCAA tournaments
and are making their 19th consecutive appearance - both
tops in the country.

See you tomorrow. GO TERPS!!!

photo by Chris Blunck - thank you!!

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